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New Venture - Need Advice

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I have a really cool idea of opening a Lunch and Dinner Cafe in this little guest inn on the beach. The guest inn serves only breakfast and the rest of the day the guest have to comb the land for something to eat. The location is primo and I cant believe no one has approached the owners into renting out the kitchen before. With that being said, I am putting together a proposal to rent out the kitchen and wanted to know if anyone out there in cyberspace ever created an arrangement like this. Let me give you some of my notes....And if you have any ideas you can share that would be helpful:

1. I already own a cafe (6 years), so Im pretty sure I can get this one up and running.
2. Im not sure whether we would rent out the entire kitchen and take over the breakfast component...not sure if this is an option anyway....OR
3. Just rent out the kitchen for lunch and dinner and let the inn handle the breakfast piece, which of course alleviates the need to be there at the crack of ---!
4. Sharing a kitchen? Perish the thought! OR Smart move dude!
5. How do you cost out using someone else's equipment....? In other words, what would I offer to rent the space for? My guess...I would of course start low. But the inn only has 15 rooms....Maybe $500...not sure...Of course price depends on what you are getting. The kitchen is very small...A double door fridge, grill, pots and pans etc. Of course I would need to set up my stuff too.
6. Can you actually share a kitchen with another venture? And what would that look like?
7. Seating for about 16....but there could be more tables in there, plenty of room
8. Can we have outsiders from off the beach come by and eat - will it take away from the peaceful vibe at the inn?

any ideas - HOLLA!
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If yes for how much.
Can you make money with seating for only 16?
Can outsiders come in?
Who pays insurance, liability etc.
Why hasn't anyone done it before?
Is it all year round?
This type of arrangement is usually referred to as a Concession, with you being the concessionaire.:chef:
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