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Hello from Scotland

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Hi I'm new here. I live near Perth in Scotland. Is this a US site? Oh well, I do a good plate of haggis, neeps and tatties. Hoping to get some great tips from all ye fantastic and experienced cooks out there. I am just a happy amateur, love cooking for family and friends, and baking outrageously for all my sweet toothed clan! My kitchen has just been renovated too, which makes cooking SO much more FUN! Bye for now:D
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I'm from Edinburgh, and we have a couple of other Scots on the boards, too.

Welcome to ChefTalk.

I hope you will enjoy reading some of the articles on here as well as the amazing photographs. We have people of all levels of culinary skills on the site, from the 'cannae boil water' to masterchefs. So you'll be able to get a reply to any questions - and I hope you will join in on threads that you find interesting, or start your own!

Haggis, tatties and neeps - ye cannae whack it :lol:
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Hi Ishbel, thanks for your reply:lips: Yes, you can't really go wrong with haggis, well I suppose you can!!

Will enjoy browsing and hopefully getting some handy tips.

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So... apart from being a Clangers fan.... do you LIKE making soup? ;)
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LOVE making soup, Ishbel. It is a great way to get vegetables, well almost anything ... into a child's stomach! Our favourite - nettle soup. All I need to buy is the onion, as I havenae yet been able to grow mine successfully. Nettles are abundant around us, grow me own garlic and well, the water comes out the tap. Oh forgot, I need to buy the stock cube, but I suppose I could've saved the chook water, sometimes I do.

Carrot and coriander lovely, specially with yer own carrots, and oh, all sorts. Kids not so keen on the brothy types, y'know, so thick you can stand your spoon up in it, but broccoli cheese, mmmm, spinach, parsnip, potato, anything really, apart from the kitchen sink!:D

What do you do as a moderator? Do you just stay online all the time and check out all the posts? What a soup-er job! My son wants to do that on online computer games ... he's only 10. Hopefully that won't last.:confused:

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Carrot and coriander is one my favourites, too.

I'm only a kiddy-oan moderator.... I just help out Mezzaluna here in the Welcome forum. She lives in the USA and I'm in Europe, so we cover the time differences!

I hope you'll enjoy the site. Lots of interesting folk on here.
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Mmmm soup, unlimited possibilities.
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Hi soupdragon,
Welcome to the site. Just down the road from you in Dundee. We're a grand lot here.

Look forward to hearing from you
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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Hi Bughut! Yeah, I saw you were in Dundee - neighbours! I was looking at your catering business, grand. If I ever huv a marquee-do!! and canny be bothered spreading the sannies. Thanks for your reply, and look forward to seeing you online again. SD, Dunkeld:D
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After too many years, we've ceased trading now SD. Opening a cookery school in the spring. If you ever need a hand, catering-wise tho, just drop me a pm. If i can help, I will. I'm only 19 minutes down the road.(I've timed myself)
I love Perth, Especially as they have the only deli for miles. Provender brown. That loony french wifie is a hoot. I really enjoy myself in there.
We do our christmas shopping there, as i cant stand shopping in Dundee at the best of times and Perth is so much slower, and the shops are nicer.

had a peek at your public profile, Wondered what kind of transcribing you do.
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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Hi Bughut, many thanks for your cheery reply. Sorry you not trading anymore, just lack of business? I'm actually not in Perth, 13 miles north, in Dunkeld. I don't know Perth that well actually (what, but you live near there!?) there's so much in Dunkeld that, what with Tesco's delivery - when I really must, because I don't really like Tesco's, much prefer to try and source local produce - I can just about never go into town! So I'm not familiar with that Deli. What street? We have a lovely one in Dunkeld, you must visit it! As I am on my own with three kids I don't have much time to mooch in Perth, although funnily enough my eldest two (girls) are always going on about how much better the shopping is in Dundee!! I've become a bit of a hermit, get scared beyond local village limits!!! I do transcription work at home for a couple of companies, medical and other things, Govt research papers, job interviews, some legal stuff. Gives me some extra pennies. I get the sound file thru email and send them a document back. Self employed. Got a good tip here about my soggy pastry, what do you think? Spreading egg white on the base of the pastry case before cooking, bake for a wee while before adding, say quiche mixture. Must try. Will make another quiche today, methinks! Hmm, you're doing a cookery school in Spring. Could be interested in something like that for my daughter (14) at some point, but it'd have to be in hols. Be great if you had the money to send them to some sort of Cordon Bleu finishing school, wow. dream on.

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