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cow feet soup/beef feet in general

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this is a quite delicious soup. I used to only value the feet for the flavor they give to the broth and their use in desert making (jellies, with unflavored cow foot water, flavored with lemon rind and a hint of rum, sweetened with condensed milk and enriched with a little cream if desired now i like the "meat itself" which is just skin and gelatin. its soft and creamy with just enough firmness like oysters i have experimented with different soups from belize, trinidad and jamaica right now i make one that has corn(canned or frozen whole kernel), lima beans and potatos, with a mirepoix of carrots, onions and celery strained out. some of hte mirepoix nad some of the potatos are used to puree and give the broth a little more body seasonings are thyme, parsley and bayleaf cillantro would be good too recently i added a touch of cloves the soup can be made peppery with lots of black pepper if desired it also callso for a hot pepper, one or two whole habaneros left whole and removed when having stewed at least and hour or two (careful that they dont burst) a teaspoon of authentic caribbean hot pepper suace could be used instead i dont want it hot but i like a warmth to it, especially when sick i finish the soup with a teaspoon or two of honey (got this idea from a mexican chef who says a little honey helps balance out the heat in pipai or mole suaces) as well as a bout a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice u ca also put in some tomato paste or some paprika what do u think of these flavor variations? what works and what doesnt? what are other ideas?
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i guess this means i am gonna start liking pigs feet too

the creamy soft texture can actually be applealing

chicken feet is next

i want to know how the chinese make it!

anyone have any guesses? i had them in the san francisco china town, delicious!!! i want to say they were red cooked, i dont know.

also there is a french preperation of pigs feet that looks awesome, after being braised, they are broiled with breadcrumbs and served with beans!
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There are two basic classes of dim sum style chicken feet that I know of.

You're describing the first. The feet are trimmed, marinated, rolled in malt sugar, fried, and finally steamed. The second, "natural" colored has the feet steamed, pickled and served cold. The first is pure comfort food. If you can get past the idea you're going to love it. However, not many westerners like the second type.

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I've had a kind of braised duck foot with sea cucumber. Really odd combination but pleasant.
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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define cow foot. are you talking about the hoof ?
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do u know where i can get good recipes to either one?
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it is just the hoof and the part of the foot that is just skin and cartilage

now in the islands there is a cut of meat called "cow heel" which includes some of the meet.

to simulate this i would get beef shank.

but when I was cooking i was just using what can be purchased in america as "beef feet"

and this is just jelly bone cartilage and fat, no meat.

i know that hoof is eaten in some old european countries, im guessing beef hoof or boar hoof are eaten by a bunch of druids and legionairs in gual or britony somewhere :)
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i believe they use beef feet or pigs tails in a more solid from in the manufacturing of Austrian "head cheese"

or possibly they use the head of a pig like its ears and snout?

time to go to Wikipedia.
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