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Had a very good meal at Ibiza in New Haven last night.

Ibiza is considered one of the best Spanish restaurants in the country, and for the most part my wife and I concur. The food was progressive, but rooted and focused. The décor is very comfortable and elegant without a hint of pretentiousness. The service was some of the best we have experienced in years, very attentive without being too much so, all were very knowledgeable about every aspect of every dish on the menu, something I wish there was more of. The wine list was solid and offered a good journey through the best regions of Spain. The owner/sommelier was a great host and very helpful.

The kitchen started us off with a beautiful little amuse bouche of a honey dew/cucumber gazpacho shot topped with a tiny drip of excellent fruity olive oil and tiny cabralas croquettes. The shot offered a nice touch of acid, that was rounded out by the olive oil, and the cabralas croquettes were crunchy, lightly salted and warm. I have the wines written down somewhere but I will need to add them later, but Juan Carlos the owner certainly knows his pairings.

My wife started with fresh marinated Spanish anchovies, neatly placed on a perfectly browned piece of toast with a salpicon of diced avocado and a chervil leaf. Salty, crunchy, smooth, warm, cold and herbal. Some of the best anchovies’ we have ever eaten. I had nutmeg poached oysters, nestled in a touch of celery foam with a radish julienne and caviar. There were served in mini Asian soup spoons. The oysters were cooked perfectly, barely warm; the celery foam was more like a celery veloute in texture.
Really delicious apps.

My wife had a confit of salt cod (perfectly cooked) topped with oven dried heirloom tomatoes and sweet/briny cockles. Browned Spanish noodles on the side hid more clams and wonderful cuttle fish strips. Wonderful textures and flavors reminiscent of the Mediterranean, I had pan roasted quails served with its own natural jus, a saffron cous cous and charred brussel sprouts. The quails were also perfectly cooked, rosy pink breast and legs, my only complaint with this dish was one side was nicely caramelized and the other was pail and lacked the flavor and texture I was looking for. Needed a pinch of salt also (imho). The cous cous was adorned with brunoise of carrot that added a nice touch to the soft pearls.

We drank an excellent Rioja

We decided to finish with a cheese board, 6 selections all at peak ripeness and temperature. Goat, sheep and cows milk cheese were served with Marconi olives and membrilla (sp) Juan Carlos served us a couple amazing Spanish sweet wines. One was a aged sherry with deep white raisin notes, honeysuckle and bitter orange, the other was like a vintage port of steroids, ripe berries, coffee, cocoa. Both excellent with the cheeses.

All along we felt very well taken care of by the servers and the food was really very good, and presented with restrained elegance. It’s obvious the chef takes his food very seriously and hit a home run for me and my wife.

If ever in the area, I happily recommend Ibiza.
I should note that this is a pretty pricy restaurant, but worth every penny.

Below is their website.

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Baruch ben Rueven / Chanaבראד, ילד של ריימונד והאלאן
Baruch ben Rueven / Chanaבראד, ילד של ריימונד והאלאן