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Looking for a recommendation for an "Home Use" portable induction burner. I have read all the posts here as well as research otherwise (gone to and other sites). I do my cooking primarily at home but do the occassional cooking session at other locations and plan on doing even more when I get a countertop unit. Best to use MY knives, pots, boards, and burner!:D

I guess my question really extends to who is using some of the "residential" units? What kind are you using/recommend? Sunpentown, Magneflux, etc. I am only interested in 1800W or higher for efficieny close to commerical versions. Cannot justify a commerical grade one going for north of $500....yet.

Funny thing is I kick myself because I could have had a commerical Viking 1800W model for $174 but passed last second on Ebay at auction closing.

Then again, anyone have a used commerical that they don't need anymore....;) message me!

Thanks in advance.