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Cookie Icing & Design

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Hey everyone,

I've been wanting to make cookie favours for my nieces babyshower that's at the end of October. I'd need to make around roughly 100 cookies.

Next week I plan to visit the craft/baking store to purchase all equipment needed, such as cookie cutters, etc.

My question is, what type of icing do I use for these cookies? Also, recipes for them would be great too!

I wish I could post a link to a picture of the type of cookie I'm speaking of, but I'm unable to. However is you google "baby onesies cookies" you will see what I'm speaking of.

What type of icing for the flooding, and outlining?

Thanks so much! :blush:
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Hi Dyana,

I've moved this thread to the general pastry and baking forum.
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I don't use royal icing or buttercream to flood the background for cookies anymore. I didn't like the taste and it added a second step while this icing dried. I used rolled fondant. I use the same cutters to cut the fondant as I did the cookies. I roll the fondant about 1/8-1/16" think. Since the cookies spread a little it makes a good fit. Use good quality rolled fondant, either homemade or something like Satinice. Don't use Wilton. I then use royal icing to decorate on the rolled fondant background. You can apply the fondant as soon as the cookies come out of the oven. The heat in the cookies makes the fondant adhere. If you want to apply fondant to cold cookies, you can paint on a thin coat of corn or golden syrup to make it adhere. You can also appy the fondant and pop the cookies back in for about 30-60 seconds but watch them the fondant might melt too much. You can color the fondant any color you like or buy it pre-colored.
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Why not use Wilton? I was going to go to Michael's Craft and buy everything I need... but, they seem to only sell fondant from Wilton.... hmm... I dont know where else to go to buy it?

Is it hard to make your own fondant?
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Wilton fondant has a nasty chemical flavor. You can make your own fondant with a bag of marshmallows. Grease a microwave safe bowl. Put in a bag of marshmallows and and a couple Tbsp of water. Microwave until you can stir the mallows into a paste. It won't take long and they will burn. Do 30 sec at a time. When you have melted the marshmallows, begin adding sifted 10X sugar. It will get so thick, you'll need to turn it out of the bowl and start kneading in the rest of the sugar. One bag might take as much as 2 lbs of sugar. You'll want to grease your work surface, tools and hands with veggie shortening. Once it gets smooth and consistent, you should be able to roll it out with a greased rolling pin. You can use a silpat rolling pin, a piece of pvc pipe or something smooth. I roll mine between two sheets of lightly greased clear plastic/vinyl and then you don't need to grease the pin..
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