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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but searching through the archives I came across various threads debating what exactly a "muffin" is. However I didn't really get a feel for what the pros consider a "true" muffin from those threads....(I'm thinking of like classic blueberry muffins here)

I make a really good berry muffin but I'm wondering if it fits everyone's definition of "muffin". The muffins I make are fairly light in color, maybe a light golden brown when done (not dark), and the texture is light anf fluffy....this is what I've always eaten whenever I've had homemade blueberry muffins. And to me this is a true muffin.

Now, whenever I've had muffins outside of the home in restaurants or in bakeries they are totally different. They are more dense and very moist and much sweeter tasting. (more like a banana bread like texture) I'm thinking of the style of muffins Perkin's Restaurant sells...that style. I always think of these as "bakery muffins" because I've never had the "home made style" muffins anywhere except, well at home.

So in the older threads I saw debates about muffins being too "cake like" and I'm wondering exactly which muffins people are talking about? Because neither of these muffin styles to me is anything like a cake. :) Or if I had to say one was, I'd say the Perkin's style is more "cake like" simply because it's a little more dense and much sweeter than my home made "light and fluffy" type muffins....OTH some people might think of the light and fluffy being "cake like" I'm confused. ;)

Which do most people consider a true muffin...the super light and fluffy muffins, or the Perkins style muffins? (I only use Perkins as an example because everyone has probably had their muffins at least once)

Any help clarifying this would be great.

Again, sorry if this seems like a dumb question but I'm just trying to get my terminology in order here. :)