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Salt Crusted Fish

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About 6 years ago I visited a restaurant in Acapulco. It was a locals hang out(and I mean local) and served fish straight from the cooler. A friend of mine picked out the fish we should eat (snapper I believe) and without any questions they took them and prepared them for us. I remember it taking a long time but we where was amused by guys selling clams on the half shell to us through the window, also that the waitresses were for "Rent".

Anyways, when the fish returned it was golden brown all the way around. Almost like it had been deep fried. It had a very light crusting of salt all around it and was the best tasting fish I have ever had. Our friend showed us that the gills and fins were the best part by tearing off the gills and eating them. Amazed, we did the same and was astonished how good they were. It was almost like eating potato chips. The bones had a light crunch and where easily eaten.

I've looked for something similar on the internet but could not find anything. Most recipes call for removing the fins and gills and come out with a thick salt crust. They are typically baked with egg whites and salt. Having never tried this method, it just does not seem to match what I had in Mexico.
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The only way I've seen it done and, I've done it myself, is to bake the fish in a heavy course salt coating which does more of a steaming the fish than getting it crispy. I usually pack the cavity with herbs and lemon and then coat the sucker with a few lbs of course salt. It is good but I'm intrigued by this concept and would love to find out how they did it as well.

Mexican chefs are just really good at doing fish as it is a staple part of their diet and yet here in the US, you're hard pressed to find a Mexican restaurant that serves fish... go figure!!
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