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Baking novice

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When it comes to working with doughs, I have a tough time. This week i made tart dough and I haven't done that in about 9 years. I need more patience. I have the techniques down for forming the dough etc but when i roll it out it's not pretty. If the recipe calls for a rectangle 10 x 14 ", good luck. I need to work on that. I was wondering if it would be just as cost effective to buy pre-made frozen tart dough from restaurant depot and just make my own toppings. the ones i made this week, although not exactly the proper size, looked and tasted like bakery tarts. Any suggestions??
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Only you can answer that as far as cost effectiveness goes. If it costs you more to make and form your own dough because you're spending too much time on it, then definitely buy the pre-made stuff.

But if you practice and get faster at making your own dough using wholesale ingredients, you can most likely get it done cheaper yourself.
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Most frozen/convienience doughs use some pretty nasty fats or oils, you have a lot more control when you make your own dough. When you start to cost out your own recipies and compare them to the frozen stuff, you'll see quite a difference in price.....

When you make your dough and take it out of the mixer, divide it and shape it into rough rectangles or rounds, and make these as flat as possible before cling-filming them up.

This way, when you start to roll it out, half of the work is already done and the rough shape is already established.

Hope this helps....
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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Well what are you planning to do was just fine. If you really can't do it yourself, then buy some. But you must practice more to do it on your own. And to consume less money and effort.

nichole :chef:
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I like the tip of pre forming the dough before cling wrapping. In hindsight, why didn't I think of that. Good one and I will give it a try. thanks
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I'd say you need a good formula, good tart dough is very very ez to work with.
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