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Vegas help!!!

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Hi all im new here and this is my first post after reading many.

Ive just moved to Vegas for a late life career change. im 34 (late bloomer) and decided culinary is where i want to be.

after being here about a month Ive found its way harder to get into the field than I originally thought. Ive search for prep, helper, etc. and basically everything Ive looked at want experience and specific skill sets I dont have.

I come from managing and bartending mostly clubs. some casual dining but not enough to really make a dent.

So im trying to figure out if I should go to culinary school (LCB,Ai) or cc or even UNLV since Im here in Vegas and wondered if it makes any difference to the hiring process in this town.

Seems ive heard alot of good and bad here mostly I get what I put into it.
But Im wondering from an employer aspect what do they like to see as far as schooling.

seems a catch22... no job without experience.... no experience without someone giving you a chance.

any advice for this town specifically is greatly appreciated.
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I'm currently attending LCB in LV if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
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What made you choose LCB?
Did you look at the art institute?

My visit to LCB didnt seem near as great as AI.

How do you feel about it so far and as far as getting work for your externship?
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I chose LCB because it was fairly close to home, I figured there would be many options for me after graduation, and my hometown had very little options. I also thought that their name might help me get a job.

I didn't look at the art institute.

I had a nice visit and I was impressed with the facilities.

I was under the impression that the externship was going to be a paid externship, however, it sounds like many of them are not. Some people are having a hard time getting an externship right now because of the economy. Also, I'm about 5 weeks away from externship, and it seems like many of my classmates have not begun looking, so it's their faults. Another thing is, we have an instructor that knows people in the industry and have gotten several students externships.

Hope this helps, if you have anymore questions, just let me know.
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I also am looking for a position in the culinary field in Las Vegas once I complete my training.

I'm also in the same boat as you, I am 32, in the middle of a career change and no restaurant experience what so ever.

Do you think, with my training and my little experience I have from school, that I can at least get an entry level position from one of the many hotel restaurants in Las Vegas?

Maybe since you're already there, and I assume you have interviewed with a few restaurants, maybe you can help answer this question.

Thanks for any input you have to my question!
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