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Some of the recurring themes here are sharpening, newbs experimenting with blade shapes, and affordable knives. I may have an answer.

I sign up for 'newsletters' from many of the on-line knife selling chains for many reasons. First, I like the stuff, but it also keeps me informed on trends and pricing.

While I have no connection to I just got their newsletter, and they are "blowing out" kitchen knives for about ten bucks per knife.

Most appear to have been 40 dollar models now at 10 bucks.

Now granted, you're not going to find any Hattori knives over there, but let's say you've never owned or sharpened a santoku or a big-inch slicing knife, here's your chance to buy some kindling wood.

If nothing else, it might show you what you don't like.

Edit: Before someone jumps all over me for advocating junk knives in the workplace, let me state up front that I am suggesting test knives for personal experimentation. I would never put a sustandard knife in the hands of a client--however, I do buy a lot of knives to test.

For example, I bought some assisted opening knives from a supplier that has geared their products to the police/military market. A client wanted one. I have already replaced it and I will not be ordering more.

However, you've heard me 'beat up on' a lower priced Boker. I think that knife has a niche market.

Both of these opinions stemmed from purchasing test knives.