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Working for Hilton.

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Do any of you guys have experience working for any of the Hilton chains?

I've an interview with The Hotel Roanoke, shockingly located in Roanoke VA, which is technically a Doubletree. I know there are benefits offered, but are they affordable?

Also, is there more of a possibility that a larger chain will work with you on scheduling. I'm looking to attend the local community college's culinary arts program eventually and having someone who would be willing to accommodate a student schedule would be most helpful.

Looking back on this post, I'm sure the answers are going to be relative to the type of people running the kitchen, not to mention the fact I'm getting way ahead of myself - as I haven't even interviewed yet, but if anyone out there has some information on being employed by Hilton, I would really appreciate it.
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Is it a corporate or franchised location (I'm thinking the latter).

I work for a Marriott hotel, but most of my benefits and paycheck come from the management company that operates the franchised hotel. Perhaps you should ask your potential employer about this.

Be upfront about scheduling when talking to the interviewer. If you have a class listing, let them take a look at it. I always emailed my school schedule for the upcoming semester to my chef, and have had no issues as he had enough time to plan when he can/cant work me. Nothing sucks more than having to be at two places simultaneously (Has happened to me).

Good luck to you though. The hotel world is an interesting one, hopefully you can make things work out
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