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Hey all

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Hi everyone, name's Gord.

I've been in the food industry for about 17yrs. Line cook, manager, server(briefly...), currently a sous chef at a golf course. Lots of buffet service, banquets, etc. This past year we made a deeper foray into higher end wine services, catered dinners, overall a more diverse & creative rotating menu.

When you do the same buffet 4 out of 7 days in a week(some variations but...) it tends to get a little stifling. So letting the creative juices flow(& keeping it under budget. 29% in July) was much needed.

Anyways, that's all i've got right now. I look forward to picking alot of minds here whilst i figure out my next move in life. I'm going for my CCC as soon as i'm eligible. I've got a couple more years with the seal before i can. I'm thinking either taking over as the head guy somewhere & seeing what kind of fun/headache that will be or opening up a catering business. Or all 3 at once. :confused:

Anyways, see you all around, G.:chef:
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.
You will see that we have all levels of culinary expertise here - from those beginning their journey, through enthusiastic amateurs (like me!) to masterchefs.

I hope you will spend some time reading some of the great articles on here, and admire the wonderful photography, too.

Feel free to join in on any thread of specific interest, or start your own. There is a section of the boards for professionals in the culinary trades where you will find other professionals like yourself.
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