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Hey, from Ontario

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Hey guys. The name's Eli from Ontario, Canada.

26, just started doing a master's degree in linguistics.

I've always loved to eat, and just the past year or two I've really started to take cooking seriously (no more mother doing it for me!). Part of what started it as well was that I started watching the food network, and they make it look so easy, and the food always looks so good! Then I stumbled upon this place, and it looks like there's lotsa good info.

I figure knowing how to cook good can't hurt with the ladies, either :D
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

How great to be at the beginning of your culinary journey - so much to learn, so many WONDERFUL dishes to eat!

Please feel free to join in on threads that are of interest to you - or start your own. The Professional part of the site is read-only for us non-professionals, but gives an insight into the working world of those in the culinary professions!

I hope you will find the time to read some of the wonderful articles and have a squizz at some of the amazing photographs on the site. The blogs ain't too shabby, either!
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thanks! i know i'm going to learn a lot :)
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