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Newbie from the PNW

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Hello! Looks like there's lots of us new folks out there. I am from the great Pacific Northwest in search of recipes, techniques and hopefully, friendships. I have wanted to be a chef all my life. My dream is to open up a little cafe but since I have no professional experience, that dream will just stay that way, lol.

I am Irish married to an Italian so my culinary abilities range from recipes of the UK, to French (I'm an avid reader and maker of Julia Child's recipes), to Italian (from recipes handed down in the family, Mario Batalli and Nick Stellino who are my favorite celebrity Italian chefs). I am very interested in southern and Louisiana cuisine at the moment. I also enjoy experimenting and to putting my own twist on existing recipes or just making them up as I go.

I hope I might find what I'm looking for here as I haven't in two other cooking forums. :look:
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Welcome to Cheftalk.
We have members from all over the world - I'm Scots! Where are you from in Ireland - north or South?

I hope you will find this board more to your liking than the previous ones you visited. I can vouch for the fact that everyone is very helpful and friendly here.

I hope you will make time to read some of the great articles and blogs on here - and to view the photographs, some are truly amazing and will give you inspiration, I'm sure - they certainly do for me!

Feel free to jump in on any thread of specific interest or even start your own. The professional fora are read-only for us non-professionals - but they make fascinating reading and give a real insight into the culinary trades!
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