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I'm looking for sugggestions on cookbooks that would allow me to further understand the combinations of vairous ingredients. I want one that goes over making sauces from scratch and isn't afraid to dabble in hard to accomplish tasks. I've done the Joy and Fanny which my family gave me years ago, but feel they are relatively elementry and ready to expand my horizons.
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Hello and welcome!

I'm afraid that as I'm not an American, any chef/book I recommend may be of little use to you (because of different methods of quantifying ingredients, for instance). But I am sure that someone would be able to give you suggestions, if you post your request in the appropriate forum on here!
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Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making by Petereson
Sauces by Roux
Saucier's Apprentice by Sokolov

All three are written for intermediate to advanced cooks.

Peterson is an excellent all-arounder
Roux has a light, modern touch
Sokolov is more traditional, hotel-restaurantish with strong links to a more formal past.

If I were just buying one, I'd choose either Peterson or Roux. Both of which are very well written and illustrated -- with Peterson being more comprehensive and Roux more contemporary. If I were buying two, it would be Roux and Sokolov. And if I were buying all three, I don't ... oh, wait.

Hope this helps,

PS. Ishbel, all of these American books are also available in English.
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But I prefer Sonia Stevenson for sauces - she speaks English English!
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