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HI, Ive recently been in some mexican restaurants at Georgia. More specifically at Norcross. I am a Proud mexican and i can honestly tell you apart original mexican food and cheap copies of it.

These are the 3 restaurants ive been in. "marisqueria Costa Azul" by indian trail
"Mega Taco" at beaver ruin and "Taqueria San Pancho" at jimmy carter.

so.. marisqueria costa azul..
To begin with, their place is small yes, but with character. I would of liked a better air conditioning system but that is not food related... so i asked for a " Pollo empanizado" that comes with fried beans, rice, lettuce, avocado and some tomato. I personally liked the taste of the pollo (chicken). their rice was ok.. could of been better. beans were pretty good.
I also liked the fresh water they offered orchata and mango.. i ordered a Mango water lol. just right to mitigate the heat. I PERSONALLY RATE THIS PLACE IN A 1-10 SCALE with a 5-6.

Mega taco... Not the most original place ive been (better than taco bell for sure though)
but their food is ok taste wise. I ordered 4 beef tacos. I like the taste of their meat ( no pun intended) but one of my pet peeves is the onions.. If they are not chopped right they taste BAD.. they were to big in my opinion; so is the cilantro. but in general it was good.i ordered a coke this time. I PERSONALLY RATE THIS PLACE IN A 1-10 SCALE with a 6.:rolleyes:

and Lastly but not least, is Taqueria San Pancho. They are the most original by far, that i have seen around GA. Again, their place is not big, but it has character, plus its a Taqueria, they are supposed to be small. I ordered 2 tacos al pastor and 2 beef tacos.
these people have their onions chopped like if their live depended on it, that's how i like it. i ordered my hot salsa on the side and that was a true mexican meal. I took a Torta ahogada To go, and it was delicious too, that is, if you are a salsa lover. they have orchata, tamarind and jamaica, pretty good i think. ( i ordered orchata). the only thing it could have been better would be a home made tortilla, just to get even more original.