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post #31 of 39 has lot of stand mixers for countries with 220-240V electricity. I know they have kitchenaid for sure. hope this helps.

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I haven't used an Electrolux all by myself in my own kitchen, but have seen one do its stuff.  Impressive.  Expensive.  Bosch, supposedly in the same class, might be somewhat more affordable.   


Ahhh, the wish list.



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I got a Kenmore of England before DeLonghi took it over and like it a lot. It's quiet, had the accessories I wanted, and makes both bread and brioche dough well (though I don't make either very often). 

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We make french bread once a week; one or two loaves. Our second KA pro has just crapped out. Each time the gears have stripped. KA is NOT a good choice for bread makers....

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Someone bought me a cheap electric hand mixer with dough hooks, when I was broke. If I had to guess it probably cost $25. I have used it 1000 times for making bread in the last 3 years. I use the dough hooks until hand workable. It would be useless in a restaurant setting, but if I have have a bad day I can take it out on the dough; it only makes for better bread, with less clean up. Now that I can afford to replace it with a more sophisticated model: I doubt I will. I will brush it off and call it familiar between uses. I hope what I continue to learn about bread making stays as constant as this little machine.

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I use the Assistent Original...formerly DLX.  From experience and reviews I cant recommend anything else to provide long term use. For large batches and small it works quietly batch after batch with even artisan bread.  Also comes with a 5 yr warranty in Canada.  A bit more money but well worth the investment when you consider it comes with 2 size bowls, hook, roller, whips and beaters plus the extra attachments are high quality as well.  

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I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying a new Electrolux.  I saw your post and was curious how well the mixer works at small batches, such as a single cake, batch of brownies, or small amount of icing.  Is the poly beater bowl durable?  I've read all the good things about large quantities of bread dough or cookies but am unsure yet because of how small batches might turn out and because of the "learning curve" people talk about.  I would be very grateful for any advice.

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Kitchen Aid and I have come to a very sad end in our relationship. I purchased a professional stand mixer because of their claim it could do practically anything you threw at it. One year and one month into my ownership I decided to make bread. One loaf. The recipe called for kneading for five minutes by machine. About three minutes in (on low) .... AND................ my motor started to smoke, made noises and then died. It went again after it cooled off but still makes noise and is not very powerful.


I contacted Kitchen Aid and they told me the machines are not made to knead for any more than 30 seconds (THIRTY SECONDS) at a time and to let the motor cool off for 3 to 5 minutes between kneading sessions!! Thirty. Seconds!!


And no warranty either.



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YOu will love the (Electrolux) Assistent.  It works wonderful on small and large batches.  There are lots of comments about the Assistent not working for small batches but I do not know where they come up with that information, not from experience.  I will make squares with a couple cups of flour to batches of bread with 20 cups of flour.  The Assistent stand mixer will do both.  Unlike most mixers it even comes standard with 2 different size bowls to ensure you have what you need for every recipe.  


As for a mixer that can actually knead bread without having to cool off the machine.  Never a concern about over heating or kneading to long at 30 seconds?? I cannot imagine stopping my dough every thirty seconds and how long till you can start again... Knead away with the Assistent,  30 seconds may whip you some cream but feel free to run it for 12 minutes with a batch of bread and it will still be going smooth without any worries of  the motor overheating.  Spend  the money and buy something that you can actually use instead of doing half the work by hand because your mixer cant do the work you bought it for, doesnt make sense to me.


I have never worried or even consider can it handle it when using my Assistent and I have used it a few times a week for years.


Oh yah, and 5 yr warranty on motor.

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