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I've actually registered a few months ago & have pretty much been lurking. Finally last night I made my 1st post. Anyway, I'm a line cook, I'm from Southern California (Inland Empire), and I work in a restaurant at an Indian casino. I also graduated from culinary school. I like all kinds of food and can cook almost anything. Although I'm not as strong on baking. And no, I don't have a "specialty".
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hello - and welcome to Cheftalk. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of the articles on here whilst you were in 'lurking' mode! So glad you have decided to post here.

There are all flavours of culinary skills on here, from those just starting out on their culinary adventures, through enthusiasic amateurs (I'm one of those) to masterchefs!

Please feel free to jump in on any thread of specific interest, or even start your own.
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