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Chocolate Dipping

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I need some advice. What is the best way to prepare chocolate for dipping things in. Should I just use straight melted chocolate/bakers chocolate or should I melt it with wax, or butter, etc. I'm looking to dip cheesecake balls in chocolate, but not sure how is best to prepare the chocolate.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks...
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

I am sure you will get answers if you repost your question in the correct forum, ie pastries and baking. We have a number of professional members who are chocolatiers.

Hope you will enjoy participating on Cheftalk.
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Dipping Chocolate

Thank-you for your reply. I'm sorry I didn't post it in the right place, I'm not really sure how to use this forum yet. I will try to find how to do that.

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