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Hello From WV

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Id just like to say hi, this is my first visit to the site and can i say im a little upset i hadnt found it earlier. Im from Morgantown WV, not a culinary mecca i know but with our proximity to pittsburgh and the DC area i do have the chance to get around when im able. Other than that i pride myself on being a great home cook. Im always trying new techniques and always interested in different ingredients (well as different as i can get from Kroger anyway). Anyway to anyone who reads this thanks for the site and ill be on here a lot more now!
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Welcome to the forum. Don't get too down on WV. I've been to a great restaurant or two in Harpers Ferry. I love that town.

You can expand your cooking, and eat ingredients that are much more flavorful than Kroger. Find your local farmers market and you'll be inspired to cook what is seasonally available, fresh, local, and sooooo much better for you. Great new ingredients force you to experiment in your cooking.

Stay out of the Kroger, they represent the horrible industrialization of our food. They pay the people who handle your food the bare minimum. Your local farmer is proud of the decades of family heritage that goes into his farm.

I look forward to chatting with you on this forum.
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