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Pa Culinary Institute

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Forgive me if this is redundant,
I have been looking into culinary schools around the WV, Western PA area and so far the best one is the Pa Culinary Institute or The Arts Academy in Pittsburgh. The Pa Culinary Institute is a Le Cordon Bleu school which worries me as i have read many negative reviews of schools associated with Le Cordon Bleu. I just want the best education i can get. Any help or insight offered would be greatly appreciated.
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It's been posted many times by various chefs on this forum, that it's not the school, it's what you put into your education.

Whenever I interview chefs for hire, I've yet to care where their diploma is from. I care about their skills, how they demonstrate them, their work ethic, and other intangibles that aren't written on a diploma.

I've seen some terrible chefs come from very expensive schools. The best chef I ever worked with came from a local community college.

My advice is to begin with the end result in mind. Decide before the first day of class what you want to do with your education. Will it be an upscale restaurant, hotel banquets, catering company, hospital/university/government or entrepreneur? With a clear goal in your mind, any school will do. Cooking is cooking, and transfer heat to food hasn't changed in years.

It's more YOU than the school. I'd choose the school that your budget can handle. It's better to be the top student at a lesser school, than a pleeb at the best school.
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Absolutely correct, However, the skills and knowledge of Cordon Bleu graduates seem not to match the amount of debt that they have gotten themselves into.

Agreed - for the money some of the CC around have fantastic programs.
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