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Need Help.

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I want to go into culinary school but am not sure when. I was thinking of going right after High School but i saw that most people do it AFTER they go to college....should i go straight into culinary school or should i at least do 2 years at a community college just to have a backup?
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Well do it

Do it what are you waiting for ?
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I would jump on it ASAP, but the final answer is going to lie with your ambitions and what you ultimately want to do.

Some people start college and then jump ship to the culinary route after deciding they do not like their current major. If you know what you want, then I say go for it. The faster you get out, the faster you can start paying your dues.
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Go to Community College First

Depending on the culinary school you're planning on, you might be able to save A LOT of money by taking the pre-requisites at the community college.

If you can transfer in credits for Math, Science, English, or other pre-requisites that cost much less at the CC, then you won't have to pay a much higher per-credit price at the expensive culinary school.

This will also give you time to start working somewhere and decide if this career is really for you, before you start spending tens of thousands of dollars on the "name" school.

I've said it MANY times in this forum, I've never asked someone for their diploma during an interview. I ask them to make a sauce, and ask questions about their work ethic. I'd much rather train someone on cooking than try to teach them the basic things that their mothers should have taught them years before. Showing up for work, being a student of your career, treating others well are things I can't teach an adult.
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I'd tell you to attend college for a few years to determine if that's definitely where you want to take your career. It's a big leap to go from high school to such a big career decision, and once you've enrolled in culinary school, you're pretty locked in.
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