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i have held a job in a fairly good bistro/restaurant in israel and also have studied culinary arts over there. which is not quite the same level as a culinary institute in the USA, but i believe that it gave me my good share of basic tools i actually need.
now i've arrived in NY just two weeks ago and since then i have been searching for a job, trying to email my resume` through craig's list but with nearly zero reply factor.

i've been thinking of just going from one restaurant to another and asking if they need kitchen workers. I have fair confidence in my ability as a line cook but i wouldn't mind even just doing very basic prep stuff, as long as i get into a good restaurant. but i just don't know how i should get enough attention in this competitive city which will allow me to even be given a chance.

i am looking for working in a fine dining restaurant but am also curious about working in a hotel and see how that goes.