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painting airbrushed fondant

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Can any one tell me what to use to paint fine detail on top of already airbrushed fondant?
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Use powdered color and make it into a paint by using a little vodka or lemon extract......
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what kind of powdered color? I ve heard of luster dust? but all I can find is shimmer dust, which does not work. besides I need to paint white stitching on brown airbrushed fondant to look like leather patchwork. no white shimmer dust. pearl dust worked with the lemon extract, but again, not white. I need to start this cake in a few days......Please help?!!
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No, I'm not talking about shimmer dust or lustre dust. Here's a link to the kind of powdered color I'm talking about:
Food Color- Powdered - Country Kitchen SweetArt

Also, wouldn't you be able to paint with liquid food color also? I haven't tried it, but it could work, as well as using a gel. But I've found that powdered color mixed with an alcohol gives you the most opaque results.

On another note, why can't you pipe royal icing on to your cake for a more realistic looking white stitch? I'd think that would work better anyway.
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