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Hello to All

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Hello from Atlanta, GA. I'm a college student who has enjoyed cooking for a good portion of his life, though i have never worked at a restaurant (assuming moe's doesn't count).

My brother has about a year left before he's finished with his 3 year internship at Sea Island Resort (crazy hours, i hurt for him).

As for me, i have only cooked in house settings and for a few parties. I have learned to make pasta and pie crusts to satisfy my curiosities, and i cook for myself a good bit, but i feel that i am too heavy of a recipe follower. I want to break away from that and learn to rely on my palate a bit more (i think this is my weak spot which is shameful for a person who cooks). I am making my first batch of beer right now (a dark ale) and i am excited about that, tough i think my initial excitement and impatience may have led me to add a little too much crystal malt. We will see how it comes out. I also want to learn to make cheeses.

I look forward to interacting on this forum. Im sure there everyone's collaboration leads to a wealth of knowledge on the topic of cooking.
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Hello - welcome to ChefTalk.
We have all abilities of culinary expertise on here - from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs - and all shades in between. I'm a very enthusiastic amateur, by the way!

I hope you will enjoy reading some of the articles and blogs on here and the photographs aren't too shabby, either.

Please feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest - or start your own topics. There is an area of the boards which are read-only to us, non-professionals - but they make very interesting reading!
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