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Hi There!

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I recently developed an interest in cooking and baking. In my quest for learning whatever I can, I came upon this forum.

After reading several threads, I just had to sign-up.

I am very impressed with caliber of discussion and I look forward to learning from all of you

Thank you for allowing me to join your community :o
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Hello - Cheftalk is a very friendly site - with people of all culinary abilities from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs. I'm an enthusiastic amateur ;)

I hope you will continue to make time to read some of the amazing articles on here and view the photographs - they certainly inspire me! The Professional board are read-only for the amateur cooks like us - but they make fascinating reading.
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Thank you Ishbel. I will definitely be here a lot. There is so many interesting things to read, you might have to start charging me rent ;)
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