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I will be a graduate of a community college that offers hospitality and culinary classes, starting next semester I will be teaching the pastry class (!), I am the mom of a soon to be 7 year old, wife to a hockey fan, owner/ manager of my own cake business, and trying for the life of me to soon get into my own building with my business. I am hoping to learn some new "tricks" of baking by others experience and hope to give some advice also. :chef:

Thanks and hope to learn a lot!
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Goodness, it sounds like you have a fairly hectic life! I hope you will enjoy the interaction with other members here - we come from all over the globe (I'm Scots) and all levels of culinary ability.

There is a professional area of the boards where you will get a lot of support - so if you have any questions - post away! The other parts of the boards contain some wonderful photography and great articles which I hope you will find time to read/view.

Feel free to join in any thread you find of specific interest, or even start your own!
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Thanks for the reply and yes....life is NEVER boring around here! I'm hoping I can get some of my own pictures up too. I plan on doing a lot of searching and reading here!! Thanks again....have a good weekend!
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