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Shout'n Out

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Hey!!! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi... I Love to cook, love to be in the kitchen, hate to work (thats why I cook), hehehe... Live in the kitchen, cannot get enough..

I am single, no kids, can travel, and work where ever a kitchen may take me...

I love to cook, (oh, I already said that)..and enjoy seafood, breakfast, and exotic asian dishes from around the world... Yes I said "asian from around the world"...as it seems asian dishes has found its way into every corner of this planet..But really like to cook only authentic dishes from the Far East...I think that is where it had it's start..:smiles:

Anyway, I am happy to be here, and I love to cook.. Wish there was away we could all cook together, That would be cool...

Now stop the chatterin and get to cook'n, Yeah Baby!!!!:peace:

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Hello - welcome to ChefTalk.

Asian foods (in the UK we make it clear WHAT cuisine we are talking about by calling those dishes from the Indian sub-continent - Indian, then we have Thai, Chinese, Laotian, Singaporean etc....) Because of the UK's colonial past, it is said that Indian food is the 'new' British cuisine! Funny, because most 'Indian' restaurants in the UK are actually cheffed by Bangladeshis!

We have all abilities on here, too - from those like me, who are enthusiastic amateurs, to masterchefs. Have a look at some of the articles and photographs - lots of inspiration to be gained!
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Thanks for the welcome...I like your reply.. Sometimes the worlds cusines can get a little "muttled", but thats the fun..

I think I am going to enjoy my new home...

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