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I've worked for chefs that get absolutely wasted  before and during service and expect me to do everything.  On more than one occasion.


Never really bothered me though. 


If someone wants to have A cold beer or glass of wine with their lunch before work, that's one thing.  Getting totally forked up is another.  I guess I just got used to it. 


I, however, drink like a fish AFTER work sometimes. 

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I've toned down a lot. But, I do remember working under a born-again Sous-Chef back in the day, who NEVER drank and then one day out the blue got trashed and passed out during dinner service in a dining hall that was not (thankfully) in use at the time. I thought it was extra funny because everyone else there drank all of the time, or was high and the only one to get fired for it, was the one who never ever drank.

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