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fudge question

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Has anyone ever tried making a type of fudge with sugar free fat free sweetened condensed milk? I know it would be a far cry from the real thing , but it is for those die hard dieters.
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Here is a great fat free fudge recipe!


* 1 c water .
* 2 tbsps Dutch-processed cocoa powder .
* 2 tbsps water .
* 4 tbsps instant nonfat dry milk powder .
* 1 tbsp pecan pieces (would be optional) .
* 1 (4 5/8 oz) package jello brand vanilla pudding mix .
* 2 1/3 c granulated sugar .
* 3 tbsps all natural butter-flavored sprinkles

* Step #1 If using an electric stove, preheat the largest burner to highest setting.
* Step #2 Line a 6" x 8" x 2" pan or dish with aluminum foil wrap.
* Step #3 No need to veggie spray.
* Step #4 the foil wrap since the fudge will not stick.
* Step #5 Combine all ingredients (except the pecan pieces) in a 10" dutch oven.
* Step #6 Place on preheated burner & bring to a full rolling boil.
* Step #7 while stirring continuously - Cook 4.
* Step #8 5 mins, stirring continuously with a.
* Step #9 stainless steel whisk.
* Step #10 Remove from heat & continue stirring until mixture stops boiling.
* Step #11 Set a sheet pan (approx.
* Step #12 10" x 15") on top of a cold wet towel (cold tap.
* Step #13 water is fine).
* Step #14 Pour mixture onto the sheet pan.
* Step #15 Using a spatula, move mixture around so as to mix & mix those fudge crystals beginning to.
* Step #16 form on the bottom of the pan.
* Step #17 After 2-3 mins move sheet pan to a fresh cold towel & continue mixing.
* Step #18 After a few mins move sheet to another cold towel & as mixture starts to.
* Step #19 thicken begin moving & accumulating the mixture to the corner of the pan.
* Step #20 As mixture becomes very thick, pour out into the foil wrap lined pan.
* Step #21 Spread fudge evenly & sprinkle the pecan pieces on top.
Good cooks never lack friends.
Good cooks never lack friends.
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have you ever tried this with splenda??
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My sugar free, fat free condensed milk is made with splenda. That is why I was asking if anyone has ever used it for fudge. I have tried substituting granular spenda for sugar and it's awful. I have had some luck with mixing sugar and splenda. I am looking for no sugar and low fat and not the one with cream cheese.
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