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Hey all. Just curious if it is snowing where you all are and if the change in weather makes you want to hunker down and cook some good ol comfort food. Maybe dig around and scrounge up some of your favorite recipes mom or grandma used to cook? It just started snowing here (Ottawa, Ontario) and we are supposed to get rocked with 25cm on Wednesday. Weather totally makes me want to bust out some delicious stews, casseroles and chilis. Crumbles and pies would really hit the spot right now too.
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It is snowing a bit here today. I am going to make some banana bread as soon as the bananas thaw and dinner will be Cajun-style pork chops over rice and some cornbread. I'll probably make some green beans to go with that.
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We got about 2 inches today and are expecting 8-15 inches on Tuesday, into Wednesday. Glad I made a big ol' batch of chili!!!!
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