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I recently completed Summer French Pastry International Program in ENSP, Yssingeaux on Aug 2015. I've captured my entire experience here:

Would I recommend the school? Thats depends... There's pros and cons. Read my blog and you can decide yourself.
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I recently completed Summer French Pastry International Program in ENSP, Yssingeaux on Aug 2015. To wrap up my experience in ENSP, here is my personal comments with regards to the Summer Pastry Program! smile.gif The question is.. Would I recommend ENSP? Well that depends..

Value for Money – Not cheap but it is a cheaper option if you want to study French Pastry in France aside from Paris.

Chefs quality – All Chefs are definitely has the right skills sets to teach the students. However, it will not be a good learning experience if they cannot speak English (which happened to us for the two weeks of bakery and petit four).

Lab/Equipment quality – Total of 9 labs, some labs are nicer than others. All station has individual mixer and bowls, big machines like sheeter, ice cream machines and ovens are shared. The unfortunate thing is that there’s only 2 big ovens per lab, which means students are not responsible to bake and watch over the ovens which are part of critical skill to learn in baking

Evaluation Criteria & Standards – Level 1 was given feedback by the Chef weekly based in quality of product, timing, kitchen hygiene and team work. However, each Chef evaluates differently and there’s no standards nor formal criteria in admission for Level 1 nor 2.

Class Schedule – Changes all the time! We are mostly scheduled to have morning lab session (6-1pm) and a few afternoon session (2-8pm).

School’s Location – Yssingeaux is 2 hours from Lyon by car and there’s no train station. The closest train station is retournac (20min by taxi of 25euro) and if you want to travel far, 1pm train is what you need to catch which was impossible as pastry students. Overall, we managed to get out with the help if BlaBlaCar rides and if you enjoy the small town and country aide, Yssingeaux is not too bad. It has 5 supermarkets, a few restaurants and 2 bars to hang out.

Internship Support from School – Mostly rely on students to find and school can support the paper work.
– Day to day support from Admin Staff – School has limited staff (Mainly 2) to support the all students. Nevertheless they are extremely nice and supportive. 

School’s Accomodation – Nice and clean. I enjoyed my single room, similar to a hotel room. Lunch was great with good varieties throughout the weeks. A well balance meal for the most part.

Pastry Curriculum Delivery – For the most part, the school delivered what was expected. Culinary design was missed and demos were not provided after we reminded them until last minute. If you want to get everything the school has promised, make sure you remind them on what you are expecting.

Recommendations – After you read my above points (good and bad, up to your interpretation), if you still want to go and be there with an open mind and heart, you will enjoy your experience.
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If you want to read more about my experience in ENSP, feel free to search for my name (teresatso) in WordPress.
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Hello, I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone but I am currently looking at attending ENSP and thought I would share a bit about it. When I started looking at ENSP I found some things on the internet (including this feed) and generally they were quite mixed reviews. I have since found past students and have been emailing them, they have all spoken incredibly highly of the school and of the chefs. I went to look at the school recently before I make the decision, as it is a lot of money for someone like me. I instantly fell in love with it. The kitchens looked well equipped and the accommodation was lovely. I was taken in to a current class where the students were very friendly and let me try some of the products they had just made, they were also very happy to answer any questions I had. The woman who showed me round was also very friendly, helpful and professional and has since sent me a list of past students which I can email to ask about their past experiences. Everything I have heard so far has seemed very positive and I am fairly sure I will be applying to ENSP in the future. 

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Hello everyone, 


I am interested in ENSP for their French Bakery Arts program. After reading through this and a few other threads, I'm extremely hesitant! Has anyone attended in 2016 who can provide some insight on their experience? 



I wanted to do the French Bakery Arts program as I'm interested in a career change and wanted to test the waters before diving in. This program was 2 months, but they have just shortened it to 1 month, which seems far too short to learn everything!


Any insight on the current organisation of the program (as this seems to be the biggest issue) or the French Bakery Arts program would be appreciated!


Also - I'd love to speak with someone about the area of France it is in! I love hiking and the outdoors, and am hoping to spend weekends exploring the countryside! This was an appeal of this school not being in France, but the mixed reviews on the actual program are throwing me a bit...




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