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roast duck  

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Roasting is not family cooking in China, since few Chinese kitchens have facilities for roasting. Only restaurants go much into roasts and Cantonese restaurants excel especially in these. In roasting, raw ingredients are marinated in seasonings before being roasted in an oven or barbecued over direct heat from charcoal fire, with the roast turning slowly round and round. Marinades is added inside and out from time to time so that the skin remains smooth and shiny, instead of rough and flaky, and the meat remains juicy instead of powdery. The Peking duck is one of China's most famous dishes cooked this way. Families can go to food shops to buy roast meat or poultry and eat it cold. But for the crisp juicy hot roast duck, one has to go to a restaurant.

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I've been living in China for more than a year, and I have yet to try some "crispy duck" that was crispy (not burnt), not dry, baked in a charcoal oven not a $200 mini-baker's oven and well marinaded and not soaked in about 3 gallons of oil!
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hehe it is very delicious

roast duck is one of the most fomous dishes in China.:peace:
there are also other dishes famous all over the world !!
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I don't think you've ever been to China.
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