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Don't brulee very often at all.  Had a bit of a harebrained idea a while ago and went into my CRAFT stash!?!  Had a heat "tool" that's used for "embossing"... clear ink pad, powder poured over, & heat gun to basically melt the stuff where it sticks to invisible ink.  Tool looks a bit like a small hair dryer but gets REALLY hot and only blows at a fairly low speed (so powder does end up all over).  I tried it on a brulee.  Granted, it took longer than those torch-thingies do, but it DID work.

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I just bought a French Cafe Creme Brulee set from Canadan tires for $19.00 c/w 4 ramekins.  It only lasted for one session and I have to return for refund.  Will try Iwatani if available in toronto.

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I've been looking around to see which cooker i should get, some suggested the torches from hardware stores, i found a couple online, like the BonJour Pro Torch with Fuel Gauge

what are some other good brands that i should check out? what do you guys use?


maybe it's best to buy a whole set or try some by Oxo.

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Sounds to me like you are buying the canisters for "refilling", rather than the canister that "attaches" directly semi-permanently to the burner head.    ???

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