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I'd like to thank everyone for their ideas in what was a fun thread, well mostly fun *ahem*.

Being I had everything I needed for ED's idea I went ahead and tried that, this is what a two year olds size portion of panko breaded rib roast and side of horseradish Bechamel sauce looks like.

Yes that some egg from the breading on the upper right from the cutting board, so I get no points for food photography. :rolleyes:

I happened to make some adult sized portions as well and despite the horseradish Bechamel it did taste quite a bit like a good country fried steak. I REALLY liked the sauce and even made a second batch to finish off the roast even without the panko.

Asking an experanced chef for a recepie of a Bechamel sauce would have been a waste of their time you see, but asking them, who have to deal with leftovers from a money sense what to do with extra roast was right on the money.



    Your meal looks absolutely delicious!  In fact, I'm cooking next day at work and I'll use your dish as inspiration for some country fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and white gravy...if only I had some in season corn on the cob too mad.gif.  Oh...maybe some skillet jalapeno corn bread smile.gif



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