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Okay, so my name is Shina and i am in a bit of a jam! My mom has had a bakery/restaurant for over 12 years now inside our local farmer's market! long story short, they are tearing down the old farmer's market and have built a new one.

Problem is, we have to purchase a new hood ventilation system and have it installed and what not. I found a local company that finds the perfect hoods for businesses. He gave us a quote and i wasnt too shocked because i kinda expected it would cost that amount. The amount you ask? roughly 7,000! is that too much for a hood? its a 7ft hood with MUA. The most shocking part is the INSTALLATION!! its gonna cost us over 11,000! Im afraid we are getting ripped! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! total hood purchase with installation is gonna cost about 25,000.00!

anyone! please anyone! let me know asap if this is wayyy too high! i dont know what the normal cost is!
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There is no "normal cost"

The hood itself is just a hunk of s/s with filters. Bolt it onto the wall or the cieling, right? Many people, including myself, have bought used hoods. This is the easy and the cheap part. It gets more complicated

So the hood sucks out grease laden vapours and gas exhaust fumes.....

Where do they (gasses and fumes) go?
How long is the shaft--the tube that carries these vapours?
How many hours is the shaft fire rated?
Is the shaft rated for the size of the hood--can it handle the capacity?
Is the shaft or the hood mounted on, or go through combustible material? (wood walls, wood and drywall, lath and stucco, etc)
Does the shaft go through cement walls?
Are the cement walls load bearing?
If so, do you need a structural engineer to locate the ideal place to core through the wall for the shaft?
Where is the fan located?

These questions just deal with the sucking-out of air. Suck out all the air out of your kitchen, and you'd better have an oxygen tank strapped to your back....

Make up air. This is the air needed to replace the dirty air you've just removed.

Where is the make-up air intake located?
How long is this shaft?
Where is the fan for this shaft located?
Does your municipality require tempered make up air? (air conditioned in the summer, heated in the winter)

All of this stuff NEEDS to be considered and signed off on by a registered mechanical engineer. No engineer's stamp on the drawing and Cityhall/municpal office won't issue a permit. No permit, no insurance. No insurance, no go

So.... if the hood is bolted to a cement brick wall and only goes through the wall and outside---away from any air intakes or pedestrians--- the installation should be fairly cheap. For more complicated installations it starts to really add up.

Once you're done with the hood you have to figure in the cost of the fire suppression system. This has to be designed WITH your equipment in place, usually one nozzle for each piece of equipment.

Figure on 4 grand for this......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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Hmm, depends.

Is it tying into existing ductwork or is the duct new? How long is the duct run? If existing, does it meet current code or does it need to be upgraded?

Lotta variables in these cases. You'd be well served to get a couple of comparative bids from other vendors. Beware of major differences in price. The lowest bid is not necessarily the most economical.
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Looks like you were a bit faster than me on the keyboard foodpump. Good synopsys.
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keep in mind these are all writable expenses and while no one wants to wait for tax season you must maintain some resolve.

and while its unlikely, you could make the case to the landlord that the existing business has a local following and will only serve to bring more business to the new complex so he/she might possibly have a good reason to subsidize any costs you might encounter.
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Hood is most expensive items when putting kitchen together. With that you will most likely have to buy an Ansul ystem. If I were you shop around get many prices. Check their work background (other customers they did work for) price is based a lot of size and power of hood and system. 11000.00 seems high for mom and pop type place. Do not give to much deposit to installer, as he is laying out no money for products.
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