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Hola from Sunny Spain

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Not quite so sunny at the moment!
I am so pleased I have found this site. I used to be a chef, now I write food pages and have been looking for insightful information and ideas for my musings. I am certain I am going to enjoy my visits here.:thumb:
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Bienvenidos Ritzy.

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Hi Ritzy :) welcome to cheftalk!

I look forward to reading your perspective on cooking and I hope you share some recipes! I simply love Spanish foods and would like to expand my knowledge of Spanish cooking.

Not to mention I'm a little consumed by the flavors of Iberico Bellota...oh it's sooooo good. If only it would lose it's following perhaps it would drop in price some :( Oh well. I'll just keep buying a few slices at a time :)

welcome :)

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I can buy an entire Iberica here for around €80 thats about $120 or UKpounds70. It lasts months if you know how to slice it properly with a decent ham knife. I love the hams here, they are outstanding.
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