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Liquid Flavorings

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I have a friend who makes gourmet chocolates. She gave me 9 bottles of concentrated liquid flavorings. (Way too many that I could possible use) I would like to make a couple of test cakes and incorporate some of the flavors. If I make a 9" cake should I use only a teaspoon of flavor? I would like it to have a hint of flavor and not over power. Any suggestions?

Also, if it does not work out I don't want to waste them. What should I do with them?
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I have three different flavorings (Banana, Butter, Coconut) I use regularly and have found that 1 tsp seems to be the standard in most cases. However, I don't think there is a standard per se its more of a personal preference.

I use a lot more than a tsp when I make banana nut muffins. When I make coconut pudding, I use 1/2 tsp because I like that extra hint of coconut in addition to the coconut that is toasted and used in the pudding recipe but a full tsp is just too much.

I have used peppermint in the past and found it to be really over powering.

I would suggest starting out with a small addition and then adding more if needed. Taste the batter.

What flavors do you have?

Of course, after thinking about it more, if these are "candy oils" you would want to start out wuth 1/4 teaspoons because they are a lot more consentrated. In the oils 1/4 tsp = 1 tsp of the extract type flavorings. :thumb:
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I am not exactly sure they are candy oils. (How do you tell?) In looking at what I have I have more bottles than I thought.

Here is a list of what I have:

1.Mango 1.7 oz
2.Coconut 1 oz
3.Cherry 4.5 oz
4.Cherry 2 oz
5.Egg Nog 2 oz
6.Milk Chocolate 4 oz
7.Clear Chocolate 4 oz
8.Raspberry 8 oz
9.Chocolate 8 oz
10.Strawberry 8 oz
11.Banana 4 oz
12.Pistachio 4 oz
13.Cultured B Base (?) 8oz the bottle said its for icings, not a clue how.
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Most of the flavorings used in candy are very concentrated so as to not water things down. I use some in my fillings and only drops will flavor an enormous batch. What brand are you looking at?
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I have several different brands that were given to me.

1. LorAnn Gourmet (I am assuming these are for candy)
2. Sauer's
3. Consumers Flavoring Extract Company (I think these are custom made)
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I have only used the LorAnn products. Most of their inventory is oil based and very true to flavor with only a few drops needed. I really like to sub the amaretto for almond extract. The flavor whispers instead of shouting "ALMOND". The butter oil is handy to have on handy when making an all veg shortening "buttercream". They also offer an emulsion (Princess?) that is really good if you are doing pound cake for wedding or whatever...sub equal amt for vanilla or what ever flavoring the recipe calls for. The vanilla, butter and citrus notes keeps them wondering. Very addictive.
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