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math question

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Good Morning All,

Hey here is a strange question.....

I have an air tight container I keep my coconut flakes in. I want to make a recipe which calls for a pound of coconut. I am guessing about 3 cups but wondered if anyone else knew for sure how many cups in a pound of coconut. If I had a package here I could do the math but dont have any.

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What are you making? That would help to visualize. You have several variables (size of coconut flakes, humidity of coconut in jar) that would come into play were you to use a scale. Some recipes won't matter so much in the accuracy of measurements. I feel for you...I threw my kitchen scale out last week and have yet to replace it.
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Making needhams....they are a potato candy we eat up here...dont know if they are enjoyed nationwide or not but they are a chocolate coated potato and coconut slice of heaven to me!!
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Love coconut candy! Can you start with the 3 cups and drop one to check for ummm..whatever you are looking for? (and maybe share the recipe?)
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I just are from Maine! The hubs and I spent a couple of weeks up there last June. You are one very well placed cook!
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Guilty as charged!! hehe

I will get the cat off my recipe card and get that recipe posted in a few minutes for ya.
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Hi JustPJ,

according to this site 1 cup = 85g (454g = 1pound).
link: Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), sweetened, flaked, packaged

But maybe that is not the right item I found. You can search many food items on this site.
Hope this helps?
Luc H.
I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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3/4 Cup mashed potato
1/2 teaspoon salt added into mashed potato
2 pounds confectioners sugar (7 1/2 Cups appox)
1 stick butter
1/2 pound flaked coconut
2 teaspoon vanilla
Good quality milk or dark chocolate to coat candies

Melt butter in double boiler and add potato, sugar, coconut, and and vanilla. Mix well and turn onto a buttered jelly roll pan. spread evenly throughout pan. Place in cool place to harden. (actually firm up is a better way to put it)

When hardened cut into squares and dip into melted chocolate. Place in fridge to allow chocolate to harden.

Love these candies and the amount of potato can be varied depending on your tastes.
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That looks really good...I think 3 cups coconut would be enough. Judge for yourself after you pour it can always press a bit more in.
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I actually used about 3 1/2 cups coconut....seemed to be the right condistancy but wont be able to tell for 100% sure till it hardens.

I have enjoyed this recipe most of my life...there used to be an elderly lady down the street who made these and all us neighborhood kids would decend on her house. Dont remember how we knew she had them but somehow we always knew!!
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You said flaked, PJ, but did you mean that or did you mean shredded?

According to the Composition of Foods Database, one cup of flaked=85 grams, as Luc pointed out. However, one cup of shredded=93 grams.

So, we're talking roughly 5 cups to the pound (4.88 cups for shredded, 5.34 for flaked)
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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thanks for that catch KYH....the recipe calls for flaked although I have always used shredded and didnt even think about it when copied it down. So either other thing i forgot to mention is keep these in the fridge as they will get soft with much heat.
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A few thoughts

It had been years since I had made this recipe, and after making it today I would change the butter to less...I would have to experiment with it to see how much less would work but a whole stick is really to much......was good when I was a bit younger and gave less thought to what was good for me hehe

the price we pay for getting old i guess

of course the chocolate and sugar are still as good for ya as they ever were.....that is why we put potato in for nutritional value hehe
their good for me!! it has veggies!
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I couldn't help myself. Googled Needhams with a though to maybe purchase online. They appear addictive and now I have to have ...change that , I need some. The shipping was outrageous, so the ingredients are on my shopping list! Thanks for the recipe!
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:look: "are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

(sorry..couldn't resist) :peace: dan
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PJ...about the this leftovers (which in that case will have butter and salt) or just boil up a few russets and mash? (I would ask if I could sub instant but the riding I would take just isn't worth it)
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I have used left over mashed potato in the past and adjusted the salt and butter accordingly ...but I it works much better if it is plain cooked potato mashed can mash it into the melted butter and that will give you some moisture to get it less lumpy. lumps are unattractive in the candy although it wouldnt hurt the flavor much...

and i have never tried instant

never will try them either LOL

sorry not a fan of those!
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