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talk about commiting yourself to something...

WOW I can't imagining picking out something now and liking it when I'm 80. I just bought my prom dress for May 3 and I'm still afraid I could change it by then... (not that it isnt beautiful I'm just like that) I have so much admiration for someone who knows themself well enough to make a good decision about someithing like that.... --april--
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I have 4 tattoos:
1) A chef knife down the back of my left forearm
2) A saying from my family crest down the back of my left arm
3) The Tree Of Life on my right forearm with the saying "Teaghlach" underneath
4) A half sleeve of a cornucopia starting just above my right elbow and ending on my wrist.

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I am constantly amazed at requests on various Scottish fora which ask for a favourite saying of a father/mother/grandparent to be translated from basic English to Scots Gaelic for the poster to get a tattoo.

WHY, is the question most often asked! If you don't speak the language, can't READ the language and are using a phrase that may be of alien grammatical rules which cannot be literally translated.... WHY have it on a tattoo? I'm sorry to say, that many of the translators either give duff info - or castigate the requester along the lines of my comments here! I always tell them they must get verification of the translation from at least TWO other experts before committing it to their body forever!

There is a famous (probably apocryphal) story that an Englishman had a tattoo done on his back in Hong Kong, which he bared proudly on beaches around the world... only to find out, many years later that it was an advert for a local product in HK!

I don't like tattoos!
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:bounce:Theres an anthony bourdain show done on the pacific northwest. He has a small section on people in the "business" with culinary tat's.

there are some pretty neat ones, like a guy with the instructions on how to use chopsticks (taken from a chopstix wrapper, of course):bounce:
Chile today, Hot Tamale!
Chile today, Hot Tamale!
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I usually faint at the sight of needles but I still want a few little tattoos. I want a bind rune for love on one shoulder blade, protection on the other, success on side of my hips, and peace and happiness on the other side. Those will be about the size or a 50 cent piece.

Then I want an
I'm very interested in Norse mythology. It's one of my favorite pastimes next to cooking.

It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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