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Strawberry Banana Jam

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I want to preface this by saying I have been making jams and jellies for about 45 years and never had this happen. I made a new recipe for me last night and it did not set. I have heard people say that their jam did not set, and I always wondered why. It has always been so easy for me. Well my time has come. What can I do if anything? Recipe follows:

Strawberry Banana jam
6 c mashed bananas
11/2 c water
1pkg powdered pectin
3c sugar
2-3oz pkg strawberry gelatin

Combine first 3 ingredients. Heat to boiling stirring constantly. Add sugar and gelatin, bring to a full rolling boil . Remove from heat . Fill jars, seal and process in water bath for 10 minutes.
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Since you are not new to this , I am sure you have checked this but I have to ask it.

Did you check the date to expire on the pectin? Perhaps trying a apple juice instead of water? that has some natural pectin which might help? Just a few thoughts right off hand.
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Yes I checked the date. This was a new recipe, so I followed. The next time I have ideas, but Can I salvage this batch in some way is my question?
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I have heard of folks bringing the mixture back up to boiling and reprocessing. I have never had much luck with it...but might be worth a try.
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On the up side if it dosent work you will have a beautiful topping for bananna splits. I have used jam that didnt set before as ice cream topping (even labled it as such and gave it away in baskets as gifts) and it is always a big hit.

There is never a failure just a new option :roll:
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I put a jar in the refrig and it sets up beautiful in there. Not even sticky Weird
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weird is a good word for it but hey that is great!:peace:
Glad it worked out fine!
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