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Protein bars?

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In my recent quest for grab-n-go breakfasts, I ran across a recipe for meal-replacement protein bars, which goes like so:

8 Scoops Whey Protein (Vanilla is very good)
3 Cups Oats
1 Package Sugar Free Fat Free Pudding (Any flavor is good)
2 Cups Skim Milk

Mix until a sticky batter is formed (may take a few minutes)

use a large spoon to spread out the mix into the bottom of a Pam-sprayed glass or metal cooking tray (spread until even)
put in the fridge overnight and cut into 8 equal bars

Trouble is, the mix does not want to 'set.' I had thought the combination of oats and pudding mix would be sufficient to turn this into a sliceable form. But, after overnight in the fridge, it's still a sticky batter and not sliceable bars.

I know this recipe is probably enough to make a pastry chef break out in hives... I'm just fishing for quick breakfasts as I start a new job, and will refine it all later.
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just a question though, about how much would I need to budget to make one of those? thanks
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I spent $2.99 on the protein powder, $0.79 on the pudding mix, already had the oats and milk.. I guess I could say under $5 but I hadn't really thought about it.
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If you're interested in making your own protein bars, I recommend you check out Bulk Foods Direct (bulkfoodsdirect.com). They not only sell a great protein powder, but they also have a bunch of recipes listed on their site for bars. I haven't tried them all, but I have tried a few, and they turned out pretty well.
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Thanks, guys, this is all great... but does anyone know why the above recipe didn't work?
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