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Stock sin vegetables

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I was going to use the term veggies but I don't know you people that well yet.

I am running around real fast trying to defrost a chicken to have dinner ready for the wife and I read if you defrost a chicken you have to use it right away so I will go ahead and make broth out of the rest of the bird after I use the breast.

Would you not have a decent broth without the veggies and if you mixed the solution whatever it would be called with vegetable broth you not then have chicken stock.

I cant understand this time release bacteria thing but will abide by what the net says. If I did not read otherwise I would have just refrozen the chicken after defrosting.
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If you don't want to make the broth right away, why not just roast the rest of the chicken and freeze? When I roast a chicken, I store the carcass in the freezer until I have several. Then I pull them out and put in the big crock pot with water for around 24 hours on low. I do skim occasionally. I get a beautiful gelatinous consistency every time. I don't add vegetables to mine. I tried it and just didn't like it.
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You mean freeze than roast. Is a crock pot roasting? I dunno.

I read you must cook it right away and that would preclude freezing it wouldnt it?
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nuh uh, Kevin. Roast, then freeze. Roasting will take care of those nasty bacterium. Freezing will buy you lots of time to deal with it later, after it is cooked.

You could roast, then stock... skip the freezing if you're ready to do it soon and one pot's worth is what you want. I like to roast a carcass nice and brown after stripping it of pieces, then fill the roaster pan with water and leave in the oven at 170o overnight to make a simple stock.

Of course, you could freeze the stock when its done, especially if freezer space is at a premium.
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Yep, roast it and then freeze to use later. I like to make a big pot at once and rarely ever cook more than one chicken. I don't buy a chicken or chicken parts just for stock. I don't ever even see parts for sale around here. I just store them in a freezer bag until I have several carcasses and proceed to make stock. I roast in the oven. The crock pot is just for making the stock.....gentle simmer, no boil, and I don't have to tend to it so can go on about my other chores.
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Yeah, I agree with them... Roast, then freeze. Also there are some groceries that sell chicken parts so I guess that also a good idea, get some parts that you would need for your broth (the boney ones) so you wouldnt have to keep it but still have the tasty broth you want.
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