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Drummin' Up Dishes

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My family has been hounding me for the longest time to create a family recipe book. So I started one but it has been a lot of work gathering, organizing, and typing all those recipes and I keep adding to the collection. Then there is the expense of the binders and printing. Well, as I was going through the process, I heard about Julie and Julia and thought, what a wonderful way to catalog my recipes to be available anytime, anywhere, to anyone. The best part is that I wouldn't have to create another cookbook as I keep adding recipes. I only share the recipes that are favorites with friends, family and co-workers. I have been having a blast sharing stores about family, friends, and events that are related to the recipes, check it out.
Happy Baking
The Late Baker
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Hi Late Baker, and welcome!

Collecting and publishing family recipes is a priceless task for your family. I have a hundred or so old and crumbling file cards with recipes written in my grandmother's and my mom's hands, which makes them doubly precious. I hope you find a way to scan in such treasures.

Have a look around at the site and browse to your heart's content. We're about to switch to a different format, but you'll find it's a friendly one.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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I would love to make a book of all of my mother and grandmothers recipes! I think that will be a good project for me to start on...such a great idea!

Also, Julie and Julia....just "loved it"!
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Having a blast

I am having a blast posting the recipes. I am remembering events when we shared special recipes, at least I thought they were special. This will also memorialize family history for my children. My children are grown and have their own lives, so I have the time to prepare the recipes and post them. This has been a wonderful way to pass on the recipes and give them access any time, any where.

I wish you the best when you start, I know your family and friends will appreciate what you are willing to share.

drummin up dishes
The Late Baker
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Thank you! Good luck with yours as well. :)

I agree, this is something that can be passed, shared and enjoyed!
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I see we are both new at this. Technology is amazing, isn't it? I like the fact that you can post information in one place and several people have access to the data. Makes keeping up and intouch with several people easier. I also get to keep up with friend of my children, extra nice.

Drummin up dishes
The Late Baker
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Yes, technology is great! ;)
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 we seldom create recipes by ourselves.but that's such a wonderful idea to have them collected.

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