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i need help

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 ok ive been working with croissant dough for a while now and it seems to be temperamental.  my problem is folding in butter using a sheeter.  i know the butter and dough should be of same consistency and thats what im doing.  whats happening is the butter seems to be breaking during my 2nd 3rd and 4th turns.  can somebody help me
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When turning and rolling by hand, that would usually mean the butter is either too cold, insufficiently worked, or, as is more likely, both.   

To be honest, 90% of the reason I'm answering you post is so you know that people are reading and considering.  I doubt many of us have much time with sheeters.  I don't.

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 thank you i believe that i am working it too fast (sheeting it too fast) if i take it down in smaller increments it should be better.
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thanks BDL, please explain sheeters? I actually with dumb luck turn out some lovely croissants and danish??
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A sheeter is an electro/mechanical rolling machine which rolls out sheets of dough.  It's sort of a giant pasta roller -- although in this case, it's probably specially designed for pastry (and possibly pizza).  Some of them have built in kneading machines, some don't.  My personal experience with them doesn't go much beyond watching. 

I've got enough trouble with a French pin.

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moorebakes, how many lbs recipe are you working ?
I've never used a sheeter for croissant, but have worked 5lb recipes with large rolling pin (elbow grease method) and know the "feel" you get from the butter as you make turns. Is is possible the sheeter is too "fast"/rough with the dough vs. doing it by hand?
I wonder if you started each turn by rolling by hand to a certain degree, and then just complete it for consistency with the sheeter if maybe this would help? Between turns I guess your dough is resting in a cooler, so perhaps a little working by hand just to get it moving and a little more plyable before putting through sheeter might help?
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