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ughh, i need help

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If the world were ending right now, and the only thing that could save the 6.3 billion people on this beautiful rock of ours was if I could make the perfect doughnut....i think we'd be in trouble.

in the mean time, i could use some help, with a very simple item. a dough nut. I can make doughnuts in my sleep, i've made hundreds for the restaurant that i work at. the thing is, i've been asked to make a new series of desserts for our spring menu, and well...im stumped.

my goal is to create something similar to a doughnut made by VooDoo Doughtnuts in Oregon. I believe it is called the maple bacon doughtnut.

I wanted to put my own spin on this by creating the doughnuts, and then piping a bacon and cocoa mousse into the center. and then glazing half the doughnut in a maple bacon glaze. I really dont have a lot of experience with pastries. I just know what i've picked up. my question is how would i go about creating the glaze, so that the maple dominates, but isnt too sweet that it overkills all the other flavors. each time i make a glaze it either looks repulsive, or its too sweet. is there something im missing?
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What are you doing with your glaze now?  Maybe we can figure out where the failure is happening.
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I run the risk of BDL poking fun at me, but will do it anyway. Have you tried the LorAnn line of flavorings? They are super concentrated, so you don't need as much (as compared to an extract or the real deal), leaving you with wiggle room as to how thick or thin the glaze needs to be. As for the cloying factor, try some salt...amazing what a bit of seasoning will do for the load of sugar (glazes NEED sugar, that is what makes it a glaze, so if you want to pull some, do it slowly).
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Don't worry.  Not only are you safe with me, the topic doesn't offer much opportunity.  

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Thanks, BDL!  Had a nightmare last nite...you (of course it was your avatar, lolol) were rappelling onto my roof to divest me of all LA flavorings! I read way too much Clancy.
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