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Hi all:
Desperately seeking some advice on standmixers.  Have read historical threads on this matter already, but want to post this specific question.  I need to purchase a stand mixer for semi-professional use (small business - catering) with largest capacity.  I have researched online and found that amongst "strong" brands there are 2 that carry 7qt bowls.  In my summary of findings on these 2 machines below, please accept my apologies, in advance, for clear lack of knowledge re motors and their weaknesses/strengths and inner-workings!

Cuisinart - mixed reviews but largely positive.  Negative points seem to be that the 7qt bowl is not usable to its maximum capacity due to bowl's construction (too high and content will get into base of attachment).  1000 W capacity is not really "usable" due to overall motor construction (I'm not technical, but have figured out that a motor's capacity isnt just determined solely by wattage of motor alone) & overheats quickly.  These negative points are enough to make me write this machine off.

Hamilton Beach - generally seems people think it should be a good machine...but can only find 1 review of a user and that was not really detailed.  Also, cannot find measurements of the bowl to compare it to Cusinart bowl and try to figure out if I should expect the same issue on that front.  Generally seems (from description) it has a strong motor, built to allow for maximum benefit of the 800W offered. 

The standmixer is for someone overseas, so I would greatly appreciate feedback from serious/heavy users of these 2 products in order to make the right choice the first time.  

Thank you!
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Does the ultimate user intend to do a lot of breadmaking?

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 BDL, the user is mostly planning on using for cakes and cookies.  light use for breadmaking probably as well.
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