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Self-Catering a Retirement Party... Need Advice

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I am thinking of self catering a Retirement Party for my Mother, by early estimates I'm expecting around 60+ people.

The dishes I have in mind:
Bread Basket
Antipasto Salad
Caesar Salad

Stuffed Shells(Veg)
Rigatoni w/ Broccoli Rabe in Oil and Garlic(Veg)

Chicken... probably Marsala
Sausage and Peppers
Mussels in Butter and Breadcrumbs
Roast Beef

Fruit Salad
Italian Pastries

I am planning on buying a cake

I need some idea for Hors D'Oeuvres, possibly another dessert and any advice on how many trays of each to make.
A critique of the menu would probably also help.
Also anything else I'm missing would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Looks like This is on the East Coast, and Mom is a little bit Italian. I would do a stuffed shell with Ricotta/ cheese and spinach because of all the meat, an Antipasto salad would be great and Italian pastries for dessert............Have fun.................Bill
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 Yes on both accounts. Thanks for the feedback

Also forgot to mention this is buffet style but that is probably obvious as well. I just edited the post a little so some things are different.
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I think your menu looks great, its a meal I would look forward to eating, nice job. If you have a friend that's a good shucker, you could have a cherry stone clam bar. IMHO I would save myself for your buffet, you covered, Seafood, beef, chix, pork,pasta in your main entrees, The salads sound great along with the Broccoli Rabe for a hot veggie, how could you go wrong with a small bite Italian pastry ??????? "I want some now"..............don't tell anyone where your having the party, they will be able to smell their way there......................Good luck and tell us how it turned out................ChefBill
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Your menu looks good but as a former professional caterer I feel it's too ambitious. Four kinds of entree type items definitely too much. Imagine a guest who wants to taste just three of them: he/she would end up totally stuffed even if taking just a tiny amounts of the first two items. Cut it down severely and save your self a lot of work and unnecessary extra food at the end.
George, Culinary Scientist and author of
George, Culinary Scientist and author of
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Hi Gerdosh, its a big main entree assortment, I thought the same thing. Then I saw it was an Italian family, and threw that out the window. If you they did less, Mama would say, whats the matter with you, you starving our guests, Mangia...........ChefBill
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 Well the party isn't until June, so it will be awhile before I let you guys know

Yeah my natural impulse is too make way way too much, I could cut out Roast Beef.

What I do really need some help with is deciding on how many trays of each, or how many total entree trays would I need for about 60 people


Oh and Billy, out of curiosity, how could you tell I'm out on the East Coast?

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