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Ewald Notter, Seattle

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just wanted to let the locals know, Chef Notter will be in Seattle doing a basic sugar techniques class. there is more info on how to get registered at 

im so excited!
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could you post a link to the info about his Seattle appearance? I looked at the school website, and couldn't find out about any Seattle class. When and where and how much?
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its under Continuing education:
this link may work:
or this one:

its actually being held in kirkland at the Lake WA Tech. college. its about $830 but well worth it i've heard!

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I went to see him when he was in San Francisco a couple year ago.  Well worth it at the time, though I'm not going much chocolate work any more.  Enjoy!
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Old Ewald still at it huh. Thats good he was always my favorite in the day.
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i just want to add that the class was AMAZING! and FUN!
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